Step Into Your Power as a Psychic Investigator and

Be the Change the World Needs.

Dare to challenge the status quo. Join other psychics, rebels, and visionaries who believe in justice for all. True progress begins with those who dare to be different.


Imagine the impact you could have as a psychic investigator, shining light into the darkest corners and bringing healing to families.

...yes, please!

Most of us are fantastic arm chair detectives. Put on crime tv, cue the popcorn and within 10 minutes we've solved the case.

We know that being a great detective requires keen observation,

critical thinking, and a strong attention to detail...

But add your PSYCHIC ABILITIES into the mix and 90% of psychics will doubt their intuition when it comes to helping others...

Your Doubts May Sound Something Like This....

“Being called a psychic feels like such a dirty word”

“I don't have a way to get validation for my findings, so how do I know that I am right?”

“I want to help others, but I don't know how.”

“I keep hearing that being psychic is somehow less than begin a medium.”

“I don't know how to strengthen my abilities, and I feel frustrated just thinking about it.”

“I have imposter syndrome"

"I don't know how to find my Soul Squad."

It's ok if you don't trust your intuition (yet)... Seriously, It’s normal.

And at the risk of sounding horribly cliché, the cure for all this doubt is really very simple.

It stems from two things:

→Lack of Confidence in your Psychic Abilities as a Psychic Investigator

→Knowing where to begin

Offensive unpopular opinion incoming…

Many of these beliefs and expectations are unrealistic, misguided, and completely at odds with your true soul's purpose.

What if we could transform our lack of confidence in our psychic abilities, specifically in psychic investigation, and clearly understand where to begin our journey? Those negative feelings would disappear, replaced by...

we could focus on healing, and helping families find closure.

This would allow us to embrace our uniqueness as psychic investigators, helping to uncover the truth and seek justice for all.

Over the years, I’ve taught numerous courses to help psychic mediums understand their intuition and feel comfortable stepping into their power.


The benefits of using our psychic abilities for psychic investigation extend far and wide, impacting the entire universe.

➡ We can help families find closure...

➡ We can shine light into the darkness...

➡ We are helping to right a wrong...

➡We are connecting with other like-minded souls...

...As we discover our own unique psychic superpower.

Over the years, I’ve been running psychic mediumship circles and teaching psychic investigation courses. I know that psychic mediums benefit greatly from these straightforward and effective training sessions.

As I work with students on an ongoing basis, I realize the challenge most of them face is... knowing where to begin their psychic investigation journey.

That's when I came up with the idea for hassle-free mini psychic investigation cases. Each month, I'll deliver a new, engaging, interactive and guided pre-recorded psychic investigation mini case specifically for you, helping you transform negative, self-limiting beliefs into practical, actionable knowledge you can put to work.

This is Your Sign!

I'm SO flippin’ excited to bring you

Third Eye Sleuth Mini Cases empower you to use your extraordinary abilities as a psychic investigator to help change the world. Are you ready to make a difference?


→1 Amazingly easy to follow, interactive and guided, Psychic Investigation Mini Case designed to help you find your psychic superpower.

Nothing extra* to distract you from the very important task of finding your psychic superpower.

*Except This Cool Side Benefit: As a member, you can submit a request for a particular type of course. Maybe we’ll work it into our queue!

Types Of Problems These Mini Cases Will Solve:

No more second guessing yourself.

You strengthen your psychic abilities, specifically as a psychic investigator.

You recieve validation on your findings.

You learn in a safe environment.

You learn to work on a soul level.

You gain inner wisdom.

You learn to trust your intuition.

You find a way to help others heal.

You find your very own psychic superpower.

You understand human behavior.

You repel the skepticism of others.

Third Eye Sleuth Mini Cases are perfect for anyone who:

  • Needs quick ways to validate their intution.

  • Wishes they could pick a Psychic Investigator's brain a few times a month.

  • Wants to begin working as a psychic investigator.

  • Needs help with understanding their specific strengths.

  • Any psychic who could use some simple tools for their psychic investigation tool kit.

  • Psychics who are interested in helping but don't know where to begin.

Psychic Sleuth


1 Amazingly easy to follow, interactive and guided, Psychic Investigation Mini Course Designed to help you find your psychic superpower.

Delivered to your inbox each month!

Psychic Super Sleuth


➡ Everything in the Psychic Sleuth Subscription...


➡1 Live Monthly Q & A

➡1 Private Community where you can work with like-minded souls.

Delivered to your inbox each month!

About Your Psychic Investigation Mentor:

Kelly Kristin

My name is Kelly, and I am a psychic medium, psychic investigator, paranormal investigator, healer, and spiritual teacher. I am passionate about helping others develop their psychic abilities, especially in the realm of psychic investigation.

I have had the honor of training with Tony Stockwell, a renowned pioneer in psychic investigation. As part of his exclusive VIP group, I work on complex cases, continually advancing my skills.

In my community work, I assist the police as a volunteer and a nonprofit search and rescue organization, using my abilities to find missing persons and solve challenging cases. My background as an educator, holding multiple credentials and a Master's in Education, allows me to tailor my guidance to individual learning styles.

I am dedicated to helping you discover and enhance your unique psychic strengths, providing the support and insights you need to excel in psychic investigation.

My Third Eye Sleuth Guarantee :)

➡You don't need to be a professional psychic to use your abilities as a psychic investigator.

➡You will learn valuable skills to use in your own psychic investigation cases.

➡You will discover your psychic superpower. The one thing that sets you apart from other psychics.

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Still Not Sure? Get One Pre-recorded Mini Case For Free…On Me!

YES! Try before you buy. I think you will love it! Solve a case, test your skills, no strings attached, no need to rush, with our mini cases, you're gonna

Right below I'm gifting you one psychic investigation pre-rerecorded mini case, so you can see exactly what you’re getting. If you’re ready to buy, no worries. This free gift delivers the MINUTE you sign up too!

“Kelly provides such a positive and supportive environment to develop and practice this work. I find development of skills really effective with feedback and validation, and ongoing discussion on experiences and perspectives. I also enjoy the many mediums and methods to gather information. Kelly is a great facilitator, giving everyone the time and space to open up and show up in ways best suited to each individual. I always look forward to Kelly’s classes and highly recommend! ” - Sarah

Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I am a beginner?

PERFECT! This is the ideal way to get your feet wet. There is no pressure to be correct; it is a great way to find your superpower.

What if I am already a practicing psychic medium?

Fantastic! My mini-courses are perfect for those wishing to find their psychic superpowers, and skill set specific to them. My mini courses come with cool tips and exercises for honing your skills.. 

I'm really interested, but am I don't know if I am qualified.

I just knew you were going to ask this question! Everyone is psychic. You're qualified! In fact if you lack confidence in your abilities as a psychic investigator, this is the #1 reason you should join. Because you just haven’t discovered your psychic superpower.

What if I don't have time?

Girl, these cases are perfect for when you get those late night cravings for a true crime documentary. The difference is, you can help solve the crime for real.

You could keep waiting for the universe to give you a sign or you can recognize that this IS your sign…

Take the small but mighty step into the world of the missing, murdered, and forgotten and tap into your psychic investigation superpowers to help to tip the scales of justice.

And for those of you who already have true crime TV on repeat, these courses provide real-life situations with validation that you can put into your own psychic investigator toolbox.

We can’t wait to help!

xx Kelly

Psychic Sleuth


1 Amazingly easy to follow, interactive, Psychic Investigation Mini Course Designed to help

you find your psychic


Delivered to your inbox each month!


Psychic Super Sleuth


➡ Everything in the Psychic Sleuth Interactive Mini Cases


➡1 Live Monthly Q & A

➡1 Private Community where you can work with like-minded souls.

Delivered to your inbox each month!

“I love how empowering you are. You are able to take a really diverse class of beginners through masters and everyone walks away better. I love how you can explain things and I’m thankful you relate to how you perceive vs how we may perceive and you help us understand how to get there." Ana